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Victoria Simmons

Victoria Simmons, Deputy Headteacher (Inclusion)

I really enjoyed reading Baller Boys.
It's so refreshing to read a book that has such a diverse range of characters.
I love the message that if you are determined and don't let setbacks pull you down, you can be successful.

Each character has their own challenges but with the care and support of the team, they do not let them get in their way.

This book will grab the attention of any football crazy young person but will go on to help them see that kindness and understanding can make a huge difference to someone's life.

It will also inspire young people to believe that if they work together, they do have the power to change things.

As an inclusion lead, I truly believe it is important for children with additional needs and those that have non-traditional family structures see themselves represented in the books they read.

This book will support such children to see their lives reflected in a positive light through the lives of the boys in this book.

Professor Marcia A Wilson PhD

Professor Marcia A. Wilson Ph.D

This excellent book is a much needed addition to the literary world and should be in every school library. Baller Boys is a story about the friendship between Shay and Frankie and their passion for football. The importance of this book is the diversity of characters and their everyday experiences. The story is beautifully written so that children will be able to identify with the diverse characters and be able to see themselves reflected in the story. It is a great way to get children, especially boys engaged in reading. Baller Boys is well written, humorous, and a page turner!

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Bejal Mistry West Midlands Primary School Teacher

Bejal Mistry, Teacher

I couldn't wait to start reading this as I'd heard so many great reviews. I was fortunate to receive an early copy and I enjoyed sharing it with my students who can't wait for the book to go on sale.

Alex Wheatle MBE All Cultures United Baller Boys

Alex Wheatle, MBE

Baller Boys is a fantastic read for any young person interested in football, friendship and perusing your dreams.

The characters are diverse and richly talented.

The story will warm your heart.

Joanne Meeks

Joanne Meeks, Librarian

I read this book with my godson who is of mixed heritage and he loved seeing characters that looked like him and had the same interests as him.
Baller Boys is fun, easy reading and the characters really do come to life!
Finally, a series that ALL children can relate to.
These books touch upon current issues that we face in today's society, that many people struggle to understand.
This series will take pride of place on my bookshelf for generations to come.

Kairo, 8 Year Old

The characters are children I can relate to as they like doing the same things that I do. I am really excited to find out what happens in the next book

Aleiseia, 7 Year Old

I think the book is interesting and I really liked the picture cards. I feel like there are lots of good words that I can use in my own writing. I really like the football sections. My favourite character is Shay. I think he is very energetic and loves playing with his dad. I liked the message of the book - that you should keep trying and don't give-up.

Jahnyel, 7 Year Old

I really like the book. My favourite character is Shay. I really like the way that Shay jumped on the bed. I could also relate to the characters. I felt like Shay was a happy boy who loves his family and likes attention. I felt the message of the book was about being kind.